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The power of women

The Women Who Drive Noble Avenue Real Estate

Mar 08, 2024

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In celebration of International Women's Day 2024, Noble Avenue Real Estate shines a spotlight on a few of the incredible women who are integral to our success. Their stories of resilience, growth, and collaboration offer a unique glimpse into the heart of our industry and the values that define us in Perth's dynamic real estate landscape.


Triumph Over Adversity: Karen Riches' Story

Karen Riches, celebrated as Carine's #1 Sales Representative for over a decade, provides a raw and honest account of her journey in real estate. Starting young allowed her to establish a solid foundation, but her path wasn't devoid of challenges, particularly during her pregnancies and early motherhood.

"I feel very blessed to work in the real estate industry, doing a job I love. Yet, as a woman, there were extra challenges," Karen explains. She recalls the pressure to conceal her pregnancy to avoid professional disadvantages. "I felt I had to hide my pregnancy to prevent others from using it as leverage against me with potential sellers (which they did)."

To every woman who has navigated the complexities of the real estate industry while embracing the journey of motherhood, your strength and resilience are truly commendable.

Karen continues to express her experiences stating, "Giving birth on a Monday and getting back to work the next day was insane, but at that time, we felt we had no other choice," she recounts "I didn’t want to let my clients down".

"Once I had my first child, trying to balance working and being a new mum was very exhausting, it was a really tough time and most nights I only had 2-4 hours sleep, working late at night between feedings".

Over time, Karen found a harmonious balance. "After my second child, things changed for the better. With the support of my amazing EA and the flexibility at Noble Avenue, I've achieved a work-life balance I'm truly proud of." Today, Karen's professional life is as fulfilling as her personal life, a balance she describes as her greatest achievement.

Her story is a beacon for change in the industry, demonstrating that with the right support and adjustments, women can excel in their careers without sacrificing their family life. "I'm the happiest I've ever been, feeling blessed to continue performing at a high level while enjoying precious moments with my children," she shares.

Karen's journey resonates with resilience, evolution, and the joy of finding that elusive balance between a demanding career and a rewarding personal life. Her experiences, both challenging and uplifting, offer invaluable insights and inspiration to women navigating their paths in the real estate industry. To each woman in the real estate industry who has walked this path – your resilience, your achievements, and your unwavering commitment are worth celebrating.


Cultivating Leadership with Jane Lambert

Jane Lambert, our Operations Manager, stands as a cornerstone of Noble Avenue Real Estate, embodying visionary leadership that significantly shapes our agency's success. Her leadership journey, deeply influenced by Emma Issac's, "The New Hustle: Don’t Work Harder, Just Work Better" (a worthwhile read), showcases a profound commitment to fostering a culture of connection, understanding, and mutual growth.

Jane's approach to leadership transcends conventional practices, focusing on empowering team members and cultivating an environment where every voice is heard and valued.

As a mother, Jane brings a unique perspective to her leadership style, integrating compassion, resilience, and adaptability—qualities that resonate deeply within our team and contribute to a supportive and dynamic work environment. Her ability to balance professional excellence with her responsibilities at home is nothing short of inspiring, offering a powerful model of leadership that embraces both career and family.


Beyond her professional life, Jane finds balance and rejuvenation through early morning Pilates and swimming with her children. These activities not only recharge her but also reflect the ethos of Noble Avenue—where family and well-being are paramount.

Jane's inspiration stems from working under the Noble Avenue brand, particularly witnessing the powerful synergy among women real estate business owners. This collaborative spirit, she notes, is not just inspiring but transformative for the industry, proving that collective strength often outshines individual prowess.


Empowerment and Flexibility: Stephanie Batho's Perspective

Stephanie Batho, the executive assistant to Karen Riches, mirrors the sentiment of empowerment and adaptability. Observing Karen's ability to juggle a successful career and motherhood has been a source of inspiration. Stephanie, a triathlon enthusiast, appreciates the flexible working hours Noble Avenue offers, enabling her to pursue her passions and be present for her children.

Her insights into habit formation, inspired by "Atomic Habits" by James Clear, resonate with our corporate culture—emphasising continuous improvement, both personally and professionally.

A Unified March Towards Excellence

As we celebrate International Women's Day, we salute the incredible journeys and successes of Noble Avenue's women. Their narratives inspire and chart a path toward a more inclusive, supportive, and thriving real estate industry in Perth.

Join us in celebrating these stories of empowerment and progress. Together, let's nurture an environment where women flourish, lead, and inspire, driving a brighter and more equitable future in real estate.