About Jaimee Bentall

Jaimee Bentall is a seasoned sales associate with four years of experience in the real estate industry. Holding a Bachelor’s degree in Business and Marketing, she brings a wealth of knowledge to her role alongside Jay. Outside of work, Jaime’s hobbies include traveling, practicing Pilates, and taking refreshing coast walks. She also cherishes. spending quality time with her partner, family, and friends. Jaime’s remarkable strengths lie in her ability to stay calm under pressure and her approachable and friendly nature. Clients find it easy to connect with her, fostering strong relationships. Her biggest accomplishments include studying abroad in the UK and successfully relocating to a new country, showcasing her adaptability and determination. With her genuine and plainspoken demeanour, Jaime Bental is an invaluable asset to Jay’s real estate team. Her industry experience, qualifications, and diverse skill set make her a trusted professional in real estate sales.

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